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Birth Doula

Doula and Dad/Partner

My goal is to support the mother and partner in achieving the birth that they wish to have.  I will do what I can to assist with this.  As your doula I am not there to usurp the role of your partner or other birth coaches.  I will help and guide them as necessary, but will never interfere with their role in the birthing process. 

Services offered:

-Initial interview (no charge)

-2-3 prenatal visits

-assistance designing your birth plan

-unlimited prenatal phone/email support

-support throughout your labor and birth

-breastfeeding support

-1-2 postpartum visits in your home

Prenatal Visits

During these visits we will discuss your vision of the birth of your baby.  Relaxation and comfort techniques for use throughout your pregnancy and the birthing process will be addressed as well.  I will answer your questions and address your concerns.  I can point you to additional resources to assist in your self education.  If you are interested I can also walk you through some prenatal yoga positions and visualization exercises.

Labor Support

I will provide encouragement and moral support through all of the stages of labor.  If you are having a hospital or birthing center birth I will come to your home during the early phases of labor if you wish or meet you at the location of the birth.  If you are having a home birth I will be there to support you whenever you call and request my assistance.  My role is not to perform any medical procedures, but to provide physical and emotional support.  I will provide physical support through counter pressure, massage, hot/cold compresses, and the use of water.  All of this will be based on our prenatal discussions and your wishes during labor. 

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support

I will stay for up to three hours after the birth to support early breastfeeding and provide any further assistance needed.  A couple of days to a week following the birth we will meet to see how breastfeeding and other adjustments are going.  We will usually meet again after the immediate postpartum period to discuss the birth and to address any other questions/concerns.  I am available through phone and email to discuss any postpartum concerns.    

For further information, to discuss fees, or to schedule an initial interview please contact me:
Chelsea Fredlund CD(DONA), BFW
(916) 531-5212
Sacramento, CA
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